Impecunious for nickname,

Some choose to call us paupers

We scale through the day toiling

Our chins to the sky and dried lips mumbling prayers

Supplication for a miracle.

We cannot do much but watch our kids starve

The cold air of the night harrasses them

And we look and see our wallets void of cash

To purchase for them a coat of fur

Our teenagers are labelled Nerds amidst their contemporaries

They walk to college with heads bowed down

And their archaic gadgets concealed in their backpacks

Our aged ones wallow in their mandatory illness

Coughing and groaning, thirsty and bed-ridden 

Death be gracious to consider them guest

 Our very selves lost in thoughts

Thereby forgetting we haven't had breakfast

A spy at the time says dusk And compels us to stop the day's work

In time for a safe trek down to our distant abodes.

¬©Anfofun Hillary