A deadly enemy of passion

Hurting, taunting, crippling the indolent

A coded chronic chlamydia

Eating deep, draining blood.

A deadly enemy of passion 

Crawling round the purpose

Sprawling in disguse , webbing the goal

Pummeled with sluggish- destruction

A deadly enemy of passion

Shorting the span of prosperity

Aiding the growth of destrution

Fertilizer of difficulties

A deadly enemy of passion

Getting the sluggard drunk

From it bottle with fangs

Spitting epileptic foams

Awake! Arise! Oh sluggard

A little sleep, a little slumber...

Set array, make war, kill

Divorce the failure, enthrone the success

A deadly enemy of passion

Lose from it grip

Flee from it hold

Say No! To procrastination.

©Rebecca Akomolafe