I have a parchment of five, it could have been a four,

Since DAWN came with letters bracing a figurative pyramid of four. 

  Keep them...

It could be a piece of advice, 

Keep them.

Oh papa! 

Keep them oh mama! 

Since the slay thinks a bit different from every other end of the Clay.

Oh mama that do the radical slay! 

Let me speak!  

My savagery came with four tags and an ID card, but I would act like we are both off the clay! 

Say no more Baby

Mama up for you... 

Nothing for the baby with a blunt suffix, in talk of the most cheered tag of the 024 century BABYMAMA 

Do what is right!

Do what is right? 

Now you are asking, expecting an over flow of word since my heart is full.

I won't let this be a fight! 

Since you know too well not to name your left, right! 

Do what is right! 

┬ęGodwin Okhuoya