You are seating off this wall like what am I supposed to do?
Kill me a ram! Breed me a cow,
Beefs in bloody seal, piss off a towel,
But in my comfort I would use the end of the cliff like hills aint meant to be,
and in the mist of it all I am trapped with my ego bruising sanity off me,
off my lips,
off my hips, like a sigh,

Lips going ajar, the prostitute stripped when you made the money sign
“Oh! Lord she’s got the hips.”

After several strike bros cums,
Then she comes,
months later with a baby!

Hands against his head, he would be seated sharing a gaze with regret,
he looks her in the face and he scream “What under heaven is this, baby!”

Aint she meant to be human!

Your wife, dinning and whining with your little son at home, how would she feel having to thumb through the papers and she noticed you made it out with a prostit… No! human is human… but honey boy feels good, but she would feel bad seeing you made it a square with another woman.

‘DAFUQ’ how it sprung off like a tailed fairy,
‘berry’ she called while you two spoke, drunk on the eve of the lord’s birth, the next day would have been given up to a lot of merry.

You slide into her feeling like kings off air,
on air, suppressed with combusting oxygen like this life support is based on air, till you get tempted to pull her on the hair, surprised by how long it took you to cum, you stood, striking her on the side leaving her with marks, knowing that she is fair.

You got distracted this isn’t all to DAFUQ!

But you whine about the government screwing you like the bot is theirs,
Here you are gliding in with honestly and sincerity disposed like a baby, the toy boat could be lear’s

Accept your baby,
For every problem is yours to keep, every step taken to yield this result was yours, you played the main character in “DAFUQ!” the major part of the script is yours to read, yours to keep, and when you are done, you could stand up to the government, screw them with words, take them back in time on all the promises they are yet to keep.

Till they are reminded of their existence and we take power off power, showing them how things could have been better if they get struck by the consequence of their actions first before anyone else like ‘DAFUQ’ brought you your first baby girl, the very consequence of your silly action.
Maybe then they would feel the shame…

You cheated on beautiful Mirabel, your name got nailed to the front page of major papers, this was how one night stand with a hoe got fruitful like the hole is no more, thus fruit full, then your lips would be forced open and you would be made to feed on the results of your actions in public, maybe sense would hack you back to sanity, choking you; having been filled with shame.

If our government gets hit first by the consequences of theii very action, just like the man who played the main role in ‘DAFUQ’ felt the cloak of shame eating him up to the bone!

Maybe they would think right and decided to do what is right, right after the shame hits them on the face, the pressure go come turn wetin dem no fit bone.
Shame go come choke them for throat like say dem drink juice wey get bone.