Then everything came to an end by thy feet.
Your perfection- a threat to human dominance.
I loose all root to control, any moment I set my eyes on you.

The world lies about peace.
But in your yard, my sanity lies.
A moment you are away, my fragile heart shatters into a thousand pieces.

Can I think of a better moment with anyone else but you?
My love for huge boobs and butts, hence, my biggest fantasy.
You are perfect being skinny.
I guess I made a conclusion about life early, seeing you ascend like the late sun trailing the corner of the clouds.
No other reason why I oppose my fantasy, but you.

Dying of anxiety, I drown anxiously, thinking of anything else to hate, but you.

Living in fantasy, I skin deep in thoughts, pulling matters off foster reality.
You came like a fantasy and to me nothing is real.
To me, it all ends after this dream, after this sleep.
You being a part of this, swells me into a section of belief, where I want to nail everyone else a liar but you,
the only one I believe.