Paradox! This is the tiny history I have kept from the rest of the world.

Strength of a woman came with those pop off energy like nothing can conquer anything.

But this was me finding no end to my start.

Visionless, I was entrapped with the duty of watching over everyone’s vision.

Screaming out eardrums at dinner, I only wanted freedom.

With days shorter than a fat man’s prep, I never stood so long the test of time, failing every experimental assessment I had been left to work through tunnels, peep at the rest of the world, my folks; through the window blades. I can’t reach them.

You cry for wings, hoping to fly high, bright in the sky like the stars of the galaxy.

I have all to one effect greater than zero, but I still can’t flip my wings side to side getting past your walls first, the sky is a long thing.

You aren’t alone this time, restricted behind the bars of restriction like a kid trapped in his mother’s womb by his mother’s womb.

Who am I?

More than the neighbor next door, the shy girl. More than the little boy prone to a fall, he would cry for help.

Across your face, I come when you cry. But you hate me.

Right at your side when you smile but you still try to hit me.

Who am I?

That annoying housefly who spent three weeks of his miserable life trying to get out of your house.