Brother’s keeper.

One for the road,

Two spinach.

A hand full of diced vegetable,

Is enough for your pizza.

One colour for the fold.

The cold hits harder.

It eats deeper.

Most old eat less,

The old thinks deeper.

If black is deep,

White should be deeper.

They both are extensions of nature.

Nature is beauty’s keeper.

No one is better,

Until one hides,

the other won’t be a valuable seeker.

Bars and restriction,

Shouldn’t be the black’s keeper.

Blacks aint gold diggers.

Finder’s keeper.

The thick web separating our poles,

Is getting thicker.


Hatred wax stronger.

No one brought no one here.

You should be your brother’s keeper.

It shouldn’t be you,

Who will host for us today, a love feast.

And a day later, 

You sink in our face a power fist.

With this,

You are not better off a killer,

Peace ripper.

Don’t stab love in the heart,

Start a war,

and claim to be peace keeper.

©Godwin Okhuoya