Hey brother!

I am gawking at you like this would be our final moment.

We could share this gaze forever not saying a word like we use to say after we have started a dispute, like you hitting up the whole argument with the clause jam ‘never’

Bread egg and jam, forever

That’s how we should fit!

Moments you would seat and eat up everything mama prepared for us, and you asking me to take away the plates… I would shake my head and yell back at you “Never”

Even if you eat up the whole house you would still be skinny, looking like my Barbie is sick, at your fattest state you still looked thinner than Alordiah Eva.

We could force down our bottled issues athwart our throat like trams washed down with distilled water,

But never!

I remember how you were the proud type who felt sachet water was for the low class souls,

You wasted our lunch fee purchasing Eva.

This could be the only time we would see to settle our differences, bout our dispute like letting our egos out like the cat had been bagged now freed would be a statement not too logical to stand out like the cat has been bagged or our cat is been bagged, I believe this should stop now.

I lay my offence on this table and I will spill herbs, bitters instead of fine wine and juice,

Things have gone sore and our connections are weak, not touching like a circuit without a fuse.

This could be the last time I would sit this way, stare at you this way, watch your thick brows touch like lovers touching ties with lips against lips and palms clasping around the thighs, jamming every impulse to breed that little spark and ohhhh

Yeah you brother! Should see how much I cried after you left!

Oh brother, you should see how much I missed the way you cheated me.

See brother, I wish you could feel,

Lay hold on my emotions and see how much I hated myself for letting you go away for my sake.

I was left with friends who would smile at me during the day and cheat on me at night, treat me well during the day and stab in the back,

Friends so fake.

I want you back, like now, braaaaaa I need you, for heaven’s sake.