Bring me back to life 

For I've been carried away by the things of the world 

I have drowned myself in the rivers of thoughts 

I have kept the company of the rebels 

And followed them to set traps 

I have stayed back to watch the innocent fall

I never took time to think about my life 

I've been dead to reality 

Too deaf to hear your voice calling 

Totally blind to see your shadow 

I've been blind all these while 

I failed to grab wisdom as she passed by 

Awake me from my slumber 

Do not let me perish this way 

Bring me back to life 

To see how beautiful life could be with you 

Bring me back to life 

So I can come back to the right path 

Find wisdom even if it seems she's nowhere to be found 

Help me get my life back 

So I can triumph at the end 

Please, bring me back to life 

Cos, I am dying in Hell

 ¬©Michael Blessing