Our master, our lord and our king

 We honor you and we worship you, o king.

You see yourself as the master of earth, Now.

 A  name was… Captain of earth

 You are the king of earth who don't care about others.

 tomorrow is far off the realm of your concern.

You call yourself the superior...

You kill us with every letters of your name.

You rule without mercy.

 You rule with deception and fair…. 

 Now we believe,

 when something is unclaimed.

 It either belongs to GOD… or some sacred one. 

That sacred one, now is you.

You title yourself a name no one never imagined,


And everything remained dark,

Shine the light one spoke. 

And two eye, stayed open.

clearly, now to see.

right from left.

Our decisions are sealed,

right to left.


our self we see.

Now on bed,

you are sick. 

helpless you are 

But we have hope,


that clarity is what we had seek.

©Raji Toheeb Aderemi