Feelings of anxiety 

Feelings of uneasiness

My heart, soul and veins tremble 

The flavour of your skin,

The foxiness of your skin tone,

Captivating and beguiling as the petals of a blooming cherry tree.

Like winged cupid blind, the brain of your beauty drops me dead when it stares. 

You sparkles and bewitch like Halloween candles in the dark. 

In the belly of darkness you glow.

You walk in beauty like a night of starring stars

And cloudless climes of starry skies

Shining like the sun 

Glowing like the star

Your beauty sweeps me like bushfire in the harmattan season. 

À la mode your daint defeats my heart's rebellion

And hypnotises with the spell of your bloom.

Dazzled, winsome and fascinated,

In my mind,

We stroll like two souls of equal levels of attractiveness

We fit like pieces of a jig-saw puzzle

Indeed your beauty triggers a spasm of glistening fantasies. 

Lass, soledad, Monroe 

You are as pulchritudinous as birthday cakes served under a staring constellation.

©Evans Cornelius