Beauty In The Old Castle.  

Imagining that silvery pendant

Dangling down her milky neck--

It looked like the night star 

That wander around the cold moon. 

She had an emerald-like pupil

That shone like the wet grasses of April 

Undulated by the northern gusts

That flow into the azure ocean.

A perfect acquiline nose held straight 

From the surface of her white face 

Like Michaelangelo's Madonna 

She was backgrounded with light cherubs. 

Then a pair of kissable lips held firm

Coloured gently with the nectar of roses 

That spring forth in late summer 

Or when the springtime come to its mid. 

Her golden hair reminds one of autumn leaves 

Left to drop onto a plain whiteness 

And reflect its gold colour

Into the glimmering bright sun. 


Then she looks lowly up to your face

With a glow of unfading light

Streaming down her green pupil 

Into a confluence of a perfect beauty. 

Though she had no rings save the neck 

She was a redolent of Mona Lisa--

Stroking her long gauzy hair 

To kiss the blue morning sun. 

Though we'd gone for a hunt 

Though we were manhunted by wolves 

Her glistening face charmed the beasts 

And they slowly went back to their caves. 

Such a beautifully sown power 

Rested under the tent of her dark eyelashes 

Such an enchanting beauty 

Never left the great old castle!       

  ©George Blazing.