Come calm my heart Awero!

Come stand by me beautiful soul

Awero Adumaadan

Awero Omolewa

My veins are uneasy

My spirit convulsive

Your beauty shall cure me

Your simplicity will do the healing.



Come be with me Awero!

Come nourish my heart

Awero Arabinrin Amuyangan

Awero Oniwa Irele

My one and only pulchritudinous Awero

Olodumare has lavishly blessed you with beauty

Alongside African pride and Yoruba dignity

With an incandescent heritage



Awero let's go to your father

Let me tell him I'm a man

and capable of marrying you

I'll start by giving him the best produce from my farmland

Awero Ologo Irawo- brighter than the stars

Your beauty never ceases to amaze me

Awero Omobinrin to dara

Your smiles reminds me of Osumare

Son of Olo'ja the owner of the Red Belt

Who defecates rainbow

AUTHOR: yomi odukudu