And because love fights 

Not only in its burning plantations 

But also in the mouth of men and women 

I will put the kibosh on , 

Those who , in the trance of your lips and my lips and between my chest and your fragrance , whisper words that cast a dirty slur on us and interpose their obscure plant between us. 

For they shall come before you

And explain my love for you 

They will tell you, about me, nothing good. To your ears they shall whisper 

"Why him?" 

"he came from the slums where he was an infidel and left many hearts in shreds" 

"he once lived in the city where he stole to live and lived to steal" 

But what more can they tell you ? 

For as they rot in the realm of ignorance 

They know not 

That what they mutter

Are the reasons for which and with which you fell into my ocean . Like a fruit from the iroko tree you fell into my ocean of love....you sunk and drank my waters..so deep you disappeared into me with pride... You were lost in me. 

For they do not know; 

That I engulfed you with my waters , so lightweight like the leaf of a hyacinth I clothed you and loved you. 

To my ears they shall say 

"Do you not see her face?" 

"The clothes she wears , do you not see them?"  

"Look at her legs?" 

"For a second, are you not ashamed ?" 

And in-between those lines , I shall reiterate, 

She is the death of me 

Yet I live and love.

Yes my love for her is deeper than the ocean deeps 

With pride she is my rose flower. 

Everyday , every morning , as she passes 

Her shadows,her waist , her smile 

The beauty she proudly possesses

I expect to see and I expect to love over and over 

And every night as she falls on me like spring gushing from pure stones 

I know she is the love of my life 

And as I kiss her, she closes her eyes with pride , so much pride, double pride ,triple pride...

For she knows that I live because she lives 

And I , like a Phoenix , shall rise 

Like an admiral , shall fight for the sake of love.

©Evans Khojo Kwofie