I've drunk off the melancholy of the hazy night 

It tastes sour and bitter 

Like the bile of a wounded soldier 

And that my love 

That is because you left with the heartwarming flavour 

That adds sober

And soothing acqua to my nights

Your touch 

Oh baby your tender touch like the petal of a blooming cherry tree that had been watched over by a thousand mermaids 

Your touch screamed my doubts away 

Your voice 

The melodious voice 

That is the reason for which man dares to dare 

And rain dares to rain 

Your voice took the keys to my heart away

And as you swam away like a mermaid swims after being battered by men drunken off heart wrecks

You swam away with my emotions 

You swam away with my heart 

After you'd smoked me the ashes of your love 

And I'd poured down my love for you in emotional cremation 

Like a baby pours down his love through unexpected snores in a gregarious winter when he feels the comfy oysters of a mother's loving hand caress his pains away.

Maybe if I didn't hide the sweet-scented vinegar that sits dexterously at the base of my sexual horizon

Just maybe you'd have stayed 

And maybe if I didn't hide the rotten skeletons that sat across the bridge of my closet like a pair of glasses sits across the bridge of a nose 

Then maybe just maybe you wouldn't have left. 

My pearl

My gemstone 

Wherever you are don't forget that our emotions are inextricably tied together 

So as you cry 

I feel my heart ache 

As you merry 

My souls mirth 

Baby that moment you turn down the lights in your eyes....

Mine like a slave 

Acts like a servant 

In accordance with yours.

So I hope ...I wish..double wishes

I hope that if the winds of love are listening 

And the easterlies of affection and nostalgia aren't snoring 

Then I hope they deliver my note to you love

That I miss you 

My nights are cold and sleepless

For if I could have you in arms again 

I'm certain I would be able to sleep in my bed again......

Our bed again.

© Evans Khojo Kwofie