A day with success.

Just trying to live above standard...  Just tryna be classic.

Beat the figures.  Round up the 7 with an enclosed 8. 

I just wanna be smart enough to make toil Hate.    

Take Coin's bait. 

Feed the aves with Rumors of cleanliness and make the roaster take a Sandy bath.  

Just wanna have more than enough to pay for light bills, water bills.

It wouldn't be  2 much if I kick start my day with 3 decent wordy baths.  

Little wonder my secretary gave me a little story that made my house burn up in wonder. 

I was told success was eager to meet me and I was given the pleasure to pick a date. 1st of October I picked, the prompt was placed on the evening, the note said further "you can come anything after  8."

It was a prompt dinner with success, Dawg! I showed up at success' door minutes before 7 began to hate,  I was there quarter to 8.  

Courtesy played a part to recreating history. Success commended me for never coming late. 

Success introduced me to his siblings,  family and above all to his beauty wife which I had once suppose to be Kate.  

©Godwin Okhuoya 

I am Godwin Okhuoya, a black writer who no one ever believed had written over 30 stories before he clocked 8, 

cox I did. 

Fact would remain fact, and who will Hate will Hate.