Take off the amour!

 Pick up the burner and pull! 

The trigger will go in reverse and that's all to the mystery you seek. 

The end! 

life is fixed!


My thoughts kept calling

If a call to mama would save me from this!

Put me off the purlieu and whisper sanity, 

enough to take on my coat of distress and help me walk out on life. 

Then I will! 

Get into a phone boot and forward a call to mama! 

talk blindly with emotions and feelings, 

words not blending off a stammering lips,

results of the feeling. 

talk lightly with no sentiment, typhoid or malaria fighting my cells when all I need is an escape route, 

you can name it healing! 

Ding Dong!!! 

That's wrong! 

Take the first phrase of the first line and repeat!

Ding DING 

Mama picked up the phone and she started out acting nice

'What's wrong'

I wanted to complain about how the world treated me! 

What I mean? 

I wanted to tell her how no one else loved me better than she loved me. 

Then I began! 

-Mama, I cried! 

I lost my job! 

lost my girl, 

I drank, gambled and lost cash! 

Mama I am fried! -

In my head, she was quick with words and she had replied.

My hands clutching against the receiver! 

In my head was a vision of her potent  word of comfort, she was going to speak and I would listen to her! 


'Son listen!!! 

When you were a kid! you did a lot of terrible things and I forgave you! 

Not because you were just a teen! 

You went hard on your friends, kicked your brothers in the balls, but he forgave you. 

Then you were old to discern good from bad! Son you were already Eighteen! 

At then I looked off and tears gathered my eyes! 

I felt battered, mama won't flatter, 

Mama won't say something nice,

Like me complimenting for been slim and fit when I looked fatter! 

I closed my eyes in tears, and I hugged on told tales about my father!

'Son but despite all we forgave you and we stopped whining!

Son, but despite all we forgave you and we forgot all your did because we love you'

Son! stop crying!

Mama was at it again, she had always taken the place of hers and my father!  

She told me about love! 

She told me to love myself not less 

She told me to forgive the world and move on! 

What else?


Take off the bread!

 Pick up the knife and butter! 

This happens in the oven,

heat going inverse and reserve that's all to the mystery you seek it end! 

It's a recycling theorem no one can oppose or defend!

Life is fixed!

Love yourself 

Forgive the world

The END.

©Godwin Okhuoya