The afternoon was half gone

Along with its wreck and born

The sky getting ugly stormy

The room getting comfy-rosy

The little lamp glows

The room held shadows

My eyes fell on her frame

The curves, the straight

Her body taunting

Beautiful frame glowing

Skin like peach coloured satin

Full hair in a pony

The stubborn creased her face

Soft inhale and exhale

She let out a sigh, of life and health

Am not black, am not dark

The sun looked down on me

My dearest is fair, fair to behold

Nose as a peaker berk 

Lips as a thread of scarlet

So full, so sweet

One of the roes, peeps through the lillies

The little flesh intoxicating

My eye ravished down her lovely frame

And in a deep and fulfilling breath

She breath life into my being

No water, nor flood can quench this love

Am love struck, am love sick

©rebecca Akomolafe