Lost all in the rain.

Saw the clouds first; but foresight had me off site,
Spilling she!t; ideas I thought would hit,

Get me something to cap my fury; this was me trying to stay off this mess but in a bit,
I was caught off guard drenched in the rain.

Life wouldn't have been washed off me to this limit even if I was dyed,
Like the yellow plant with no alt wishes green could be how he was dyed.

Men stared, none gave hands to help, Life was washed, cut off from me.

Failed it over again; scripting a singular justification to my monopolistic action,
I thought I could jump off a roof; walk through a blazing fire right after the bomb hits my shell 'boom',

I was wrong! Not today,
I crashed to the ground too quick,
Bones shifting out of place, blood surging out of my nose.

Shafts, were all I had left as beauty ended when that stone cut right at my face.

Funny how she took you to her mama, billed and over billed,
Aim "Going home, I need to get gifts for mama",

At the end she still broke your heart; for a bigger boy who in his yard she had to pick those flowers, free.

She fooled you; yet billed you,
And got those flowers free.
Just breaking up, while she left you a year ago, for real.

Just like Thanos; I have a slightly repetitive, phonetic prefix, pain repeated in an almost like manner,

Alike with a tautology filled spill, going unnoticed like a white replaced with a milk colored button.
Tetanos, eating deep; better than a piece of metal aimed at the water bottom.