Twenty chicks

An American called on his Nigerian friend and he begged the Nigerian to help him clean up his house. 

The Nigerian was so angry and irritated that he yelled back in the face of the American, then he walked out on him.

At night the American picked up his phone and he called the Nigerian, telling him he would arrange him twenty chicks over the weekend if he helped him out. The over excited Nigerian agreed to the deal. Before the break of the next day the Nigerian was at the American's house cleaning it up. He washed all the plates, mopped the wall and he even ironed the lawn. He made sure everything was perfect and he was pleased that his American friend was happy with his service. 

Soon it was weekend. The Nigerian visited his American friend again. This time it was with a bag full of different kinds of condom. He was fully prepared to enjoy himself. 

The American took the Nigerian through a hallway and he pointed to a room. “Over there I have arranged you the best type of chicks in the world.”

The Nigerian jumped up and he began to pull off his cloth and he wore one of the condoms. The American watched him intensively, saying not a word. The Nigerian moved towards the room and he pushed the door opened. He walked in hurriedly without stealing a glance. He locked the door from behind, removed the key and he slid it pass the small space between the door and the floor. He was about to turn around when he heard a cock crow. The turned around, confused and his eyes bulged out of his socket seeing a lot of chickens in cages arranged at the end of the room.

“In there are sixty chicks. I tripled the deal. Please treat them with care.” The Americvan yelled at the top of his voice as he heard the nigerian cry for help.

©Godwin Okhuoya