I glared at sam and I stood up briskly, pushing back my chair then I walked towards the waiter leaving a bunch of hungry friends, seated. -he should know today is my birthday why the hell should he forget- I thought angrily, oops I had already walk pass the waiter and I was at the order desk. Sweat slipped out my pores and I wiped it off quickly. 

"what do you want sir" I peered above the waiter's shoulder and I stared at the fat sized beef she had in the microwave. "3 plates of fried rice and two chickens each" -it can never be more than 9k- I thought quickly with a smile. I had 10k right in my pocket so it was a rich smile. 

"wait" I yelled out as she brought out plates to get me served "how much is one plate and two chicken" I asked

"4,500 naira"

 "WHAT!!!!!!!" I sprayed the atmosphere with spit, it was unintentional, but for Christ sake me buying five plate of that, is my full salary. I didn't know when I slipped out of my pocket a piece of paper and I began.

"sheyb it is fried rice, do you cook yours with special ingredients." 

"No" she replied with a faint smile. quickly, I slipped my phone out of my suit, sweat covered me like a stone forgotten under a broken tap.

 "Hello funmi" I shirked, my voice echoed the whole eatery then I lowered it quickly when every eyes fell on me like a nude young mad lady twerking in the market place. 

"pls go to the market for me get ingredients for fried rice, use 3 rubbers of rice...will 4k be enough.. Ok thanks" I left the order table with a thick smile, went back to my sit, told my friends to relax revealing the fact that our cheap fried rice was on it way, I had to go outside to get the pure water we drank before our fried rice came through.

Are you laughing at me. Oo I forgot to tell u they said their bottled water is #400, just One.....( maybe they thought I wanted to buy a full pack of bottled water.

┬ęGodwin Okhuoya