I was late for my interview that morning.... 

I rushed in, I had successfully skipped service and I knew clearly that the devil was gathering scores against me... Then he made his major hit. I slipped out his claws as I held my self tight holding on to the escalator with all my breath I was about to fall off. You could feel my breath. It was hard. You know what happens to the snakes between the legs of men watching a lady pull off her wigs ( I shocked you there right). The devil smiled. Right there I saw his shadow. He offered a grin. I read it clearly -you will fall again- I read his fake smile. That was actually stupid I was staring at my shadow. Taaarh!!! I knew this was stronger than anything. Like I had been caved. I broke off and almost crashed out of the elevator. I smashed my head on the door and fell thunderously into the ground. five men gidied me in an attempt to pull me up. "thank you" I smiled. I was thinking the door was going to open up for me. 30 minutes later I was still looking for the handle to the elevator. I forgot i was going to press a button. Everyone passed me by with a sorry nod. I was sweating like I was asked to transplant a full grown iroko tree. Finally there was a sound -ding ding- the elevator went opened and men began to creep out of it. 20-50-90-100 how come and they began to pour out, till i was drowning in the stream of men. They had finished the interview. I was up for a faint, a real one. Just as I closed my eyes and I let go of my body for a crash, I fell into the hands of a tall man with a string moustache. "you have been standing here, sleeping for the past 2hrs thank God I came around again, you would have been dead" I scowled at him and asked "who the hell are you??" 

"I was the taxi driver who dropped you here 2hrs, you said you had an interview, and I should come back after 2houts to drive you home" RIGHT THERE I FAINTED.

AUTHOR: okhuoya Temitope