This has not happened to you before, and it might have. Even if it had. I pray it doesn't again. Sit back and read through my experience.

I was sweating like a chilled bottle and there was no way through. I jumped out of the queue and I went straight away to meet one of the security guys, standing in the bank.

 "excuse me bros" I began with a slight dance step, my hands covered my but and my yansh was tightly holding on to each other to block any passage. "bros, please is there anywhere i can shit here" he looked at me, then he pointed "over there. we have just one toilet, pray there is no one there" 

puahahaha I was on a leg race. No break. I took giants steps and I prayed my anus doesn't open up my secret. 

 I had a huge heart attack when i heard someone struggling in the toilet. The guy in there was screaming like he wanted to shit out a full grown water melon. 

After a while, it got too much and i couldn't take it. I pulled down my trouser right in front of the toilet, spread it down in a thick way. right then the faeces was at the edge of my rectum.

tuaaahahahahahahahahaha, it all came out. It was a soft push. I felt I still had more in, I closed my eyes tight creating a chunky form of furrow, gboahahahahahahaha. This one sounded like a bomb planted in an isolated vacuum. 


Abruptly I received a tap. I sprang up quickly like capacitor trying to dispense stored up voltage. Gently I separated my eye lashes and my retina was flooded with sharp light rays. "Idiot. see as you spoil class" Vera's voice came off. I opened my eyes all at once neglecting the effect of the bright light, and all i noticed was that i was surrounded by all my classmate including the girls from the next class. 

I felt something running down my trouser i peered down and i noticed a brown aqueous stinking substance running out my knicker. That actually was how i loosed all the girls i was eyeing in class.

My shit D'OR made me gain more fans than a Ballon D'OR winner.

┬ęGodwin Okhuoya