Let the lips go apart and call it 'Wonderful' 

Give it a resounding call "This is beautiful."

It comes after the rain and storm,

Sited like the ark of father Noah, I guess.

But for the beholding moment, one can't be less grateful. 

Is it a circle with both ends in the ground?

 I tried getting hold of both ends!

I missed and I resolved into letting my anger show on the wooden desk,

so I pound. 

 Should it be endless?

I can't comprehend no more,

my thoughts have been hanged! 

With it large long latitude

It colour is a clever array of my mother's nature.

Nature is beauty, I think I saw it twice

It beauty race up for my heart,

and it won.

So you did glance up in the sky and behold me so beautifully 

Its the love of God for mankind,

One for different races and kind

Its part of nature


Non like it kind. 

©Rebecca Akomolafe