I walked over 5km across the farm with logs of wood tied on my head. You need to see my white round neck shirt. It had turn brown. I looked like someone who fought a solider in a muddy ground under the rain. I panted for breath.

Far away I could smelt it. Pounded yam. My mom wont cook a melon soup unless it was pounded yam. It was a different day. I had over worked my self just to clean our house. I was forced to clean everything. I didn't know when I began to mop the walls. 

I really don't know why we had to impress our relatives from the city. Grandpa just died so we had to arrange his burial. My grandpa wish must be made true. He asked us to bury his third leg with him. I mean his walking stick. I know my uncle wont let us. He is just proves too educated. I believe he has forgotten so quick what happened to Gumbe. Gumbe had been mad for 30years now. I was told the story, how he refused to obey his father's wish. Then he was curse from the world of the dead.

I bursted in, then I remembered the log of woods were still on my head. I walked back outside, dropped it, then i went straight into the kitchen. I looked around and i couldn't find my food "your fat cousin took your food, wait let us make you a new one" my mum pleaded. 

A came up with a rigid frown and I fired. "NOOO. I wont agree who does he think he is. Why should he eat my food" my voice went high. I matched angrily out of the kitchen, shaking my head like a mango been disturbed by the wind. I had heard funny tales about my cousin, though I had not set my eyes on him before, and now that we had to meet, it was going to be on a fight note.

 I broke into the backyard and I sighted from the corner of my eyes, one huge, fat and muscular guy. He sat on a strong bench. I could see the bench struggling to stand. 

-no this cant be him-  I walked passed shouting "where are you, you think you can hide" "Hey..s...s..s" he called on me. Briskly my breathe seized and I had a quick cough "are you calling me sir" I asked pointing to my chest. I moved closer to him. 

"are you shouting because i carried your food..." I laughed out interrupting him, then I helped balance the equation with a set of well arranged words. I was careful at selecting "exactly, that was why I was calling ada, she should have given you hers too" I smiled expecting him to be calm. " I wanted to get angry" He said. He raised his palm demonstratively and it was like that of Goliath it came towards my hands and then I knew it was a shake.

 "No, now. In fact I am fasting through out this week, you can continue eating my food."

"Really." He replied eagerly. 

He wasn't done saying thank you when I realised the trouble I just entered.

┬ęGodwin Okhuoya