2017 jokes



Not so fast, not too slow. Talking about hunger, this made me slower than an injured snail calling 911 for an ambulance.

I had been walking all over Lagos for hours now and I had tried various methods to get cash. I tried the beggar’s scheme. It failed! It did fail me! I pretended like I had bad eyes. No one pitied me. I acted like I broke a leg. No one still noticed. Ohhh!! Then I noticed I was still in the suit I had on when I got back from the interview. Hunger came against and my brain cells and ideas were swung to me.

The next on the list was a bit crazy. I acted like a graduate who just ran mad. A bit far from home with my tie tied around my round face: and my suit tied on my waist like a rapper.

 That was worse! I admit… People ran away from me, and I wasted more energy. I got tired after an hour and no one told me to become normal. I got dressed a bit properly and I moved away.

I got to a junction and I saw people rushing into an open hall. The noise coming from the hall sounded like it was a party or something that would attract food.

I entered with them and I was fortunate to sit beside a dark man.

After two hours, nothing came through. I wasn’t listening. I had no idea why we all were seated. With my last strength I reached the man on my said, delivering a gently tap on his shoulder.

“Bros… what exactly is happening here.” I asked with absolute bitterness as my stomach growled.

He smiled.

“This is a gathering of those people that MMM has refused to give help. We want to know whose village witch or wizard can make an oyinbo man run mad faster.”

I grimaced in disappointment and I reached for the man’s shoulder again delivering a tap. He looked at me and I asked in a very low tone. 

“Bros when they are done deciding are they going to share buns.”

He looked at me and he gave a negative nod. That was how I flipped off the chair and I fainted.  

AUTHOR: Godwin OKhuoya