It lurks in a dark corner,

waiting for the next.

Next in line,

waiting for a soul unrefined.

it picks up any,

its looks are undefined.

It looks so frighting,

 it looks so fierce. 

it keeps moving, 

snatching loved ones.

snatching d young,

No one is left out,

not even the old. 

It makes souls go cold.

Why is it this cruel? 

Why is it this harsh?

Why is it this wicked? 

it aims the bright stars. 

an enemy to all that glitters.

 it lurks in d corner,

 waiting for whom to devour;

waiting for whom to destroy.

It moves like a whirlwind,

taking something so dear along.

leaving friends in pain,

leaving them in frustration,

leaving them in anguish.

how i wish it would disappear,

and never reappear. 

its impossible,