I went to the supermarket to pick something to eat and as I

was walking down the isle, I noticed this man staring at me. I

looked at him and kept walking to the front counter to pick a

bottled water and gala.

As I picked them and turned to go to the counter, the same

man was right in front of my face! I tried to give him some of

my love so I smiled and said, "Hi!" then I went on to get a can


But the man followed me. I was getting a little nervous and

mad because he was following me. I asked him what he

wanted, He finally responded and said, "I am sorry for staring

but you look just like my youngest son... We just buried him

two weeks ago."

I felt stupid for getting mad as I expressed my sincerity to

him. He said it was fine as he knows that his son is with the

lord. Then he asked me to do him a favour.

I said, "Sure, if I can."

He said he was a bit sad that his son never said goodbye to

him before passing on. He asked me to get in line behind him

and as he left the store I should say "Goodbye dad", so that

he could have a sense of closure.

Though his request was weird, I however agreed to grant

them. So as he collected his bags from the cashier and

walked away, I said, "Bye Dad!"

He turned and said, "Bye my dear son."

When the cashier calculated my bill, she said the total was


I shouted "What?!!! Can you please explain how a bottle of

N70 water, N50 gala and N100 can coke will sum to such


She said "Your dad said you are paying for his bill too."