The big hunt part 2 (Funny flick 02)

I was close to death on the plastic chair I sat on.

I had flipped close to three times in four hours now and I prayed not, for the fourth. I was scared of breaking my neck.

Nothing else disturbed me except the hunger that held me down. I heard my stomach growl and my frown got thicker. 

The woman next door wasn't a nice woman. She had been frying meats for 30 minutes now and she had not tried to ask if I was hungry. 

I had walked pass her kitchen several times greeting her, making sure she heard my voice, but she had not ask me to come and take. 

I heard her call in her kids to come and eat and I grew wild. I jumped out of my chair and I kicked it into the ground. I jumped on it with my elbow ready for an aggressive attack. 

I landed on the chair with my elbow. It didn't work. The chair wasn't broken yet.

A knock landed on my door and I paused. I awaited the knock for the second time and it came again. 

I rushed to it. Pulled off the lock and I opened the door.

"G." I hollered and I extended my hand to shake the tall guy in front of me. He lowered his bag, neglecting my Hand shake and he showed me two long rifle. 

He asked us to go hunting and I admitted it was a good idea. I also packaged my bag with, woods, kerosene, lighter and everything that could roast. 

We got to into a thick bush after 20 minutes and it was like I had trekked for 3days. We moved further and we reached a bushy part. No trees, all that was there were just long thick grasses. 

He opened up his bag and he handed over to me one of the rifles. 

He told me to lay down and be quiet. I did as he said and I waited. He also laid beside and we looked through the thick bush with out hands on the rifle. 

"So when will the animals come out." I asked.

"Shhhhh" He sighed. 

"If you talk again we might go home empty." I gulped.

"Don't you know noise will scare away grasshoppers." He continued. 

"See ehn.. grasshopper plenty for here.. our hunting go make sense. " My face changed immediately and I didn't know when tears began to flow down my cheek. -So we trekked this long to come and kill grasshoppers- 

I didn't know when I fainted.