Let me take you through a memory lane. How it began, how I lived my life and how I rolled from street to street, joints to joints, eating starch and carbohydrate. Before 19, I was already looking fresh. I had a fat pot bellY. It wasn't a sign of good living. You don't need to tell me. I know it is the foundation of kwashiorkor.

That early morning I woke up straight away from the grip of hunger. I jumped at my uncovered pot of EBA. It had gone strong. Then something struck me. I had not brushed. I raced out of my room with a bottle of pepsi. why don't you read on before salivating? I opened it cover with my thumb at a quick flick but nothing came up. Not even a pop sound. I poured out water from it And I proceeded to brushing my teeth. That was my normal routine, filling an empty pepsi bottle up with water then covering it with it a matching cap then brushing my teeth.

    James pushed open his door. I looked aside and saw my neighbour with 3 of his friends. One had a shut gun. Another had a big fishing rope and a drooping rusting hook. "James where are you going" I asked with the whole of my lips painted with foams from my paste. 

     "We are going hunting" He replied with a big grin. 


    "yeah!!! a big hunt" 

 Now I began to think it was a chance to eat my strong eba with an encouragement be it flesh or bone. 

"I am coming right away".

I ran in and out in a few minutes later struggling to put on my brown tight polo shirt. I was thrown a big cutlass which I grabbed firmly. It was like the one ogun used before he died. It must have been stolen from one of the museums in IFE. Don't be shocked. I know all this from my study. 

 I kept smiling during our trekking trip as we began to cut out way into the busy. After 30minutes my smile became a weak one. An hour passed and we were still walking. Then my bones were almost breaking. After 3hours we approached a sea and I couldn't wait for us to reach the shore before I fell into the ground. 

I looked up and I asked James who had thick sweat dropping off his chin.

"so are we hunting a blue whale or a red whale??" He gave me a terrible look at first. It exploded the fact that he was shocked about my question. "bring me the shotguns and the fishing lines" james yelled out. I was half smiling until he continued "saka" He called my name "please get up let us start hunting the tadpoles, pick all you see" GANGHAN!!!!! That was how i fainted

AUTHOR: Okhuoya temitope