In the 90's, 

That was how it all began. 

How humiliation peaked on him; 

And depression came closer than his crispy emotion was,

When he fell in love with her. 

It was a bowl of stew ready for consumption

Back in the 90's. 

Back in the 70's

Wasn't an ascension,

It was he climbing down mama's womb. 

If there's no better word,

Do we stick to descension?

Mama loved him; 

She would say he was the reason she had a womb.  

Back in the 90's 

Was the struggle. 

War against hate

War against pressure. 

Boy found the peer group fun. 

The late evening talks; 

With the moonlight renting an illuminating smile. 

The boy found a place to lay off pressure. 

Boy's lunch fee couldn't buy a healthy meal for two. 

I am in talk of as little as a roasted corn and a cup of zobo to drink on leisure. 

But he would share with two; 

And would act like his brain had departed him. 

The boy did act so strangely, 

Friends thought he was retarded. 

Behind him they tagged him a 'fool'.

The boy was contented:

The little boy who ate less,

But acted like his bowl was full. 

Back in the 90's 

Hatred made the boy learn how to throw the fist. 

Back in the 90's the boy thought his friends were turning enemies 

Ranking how bad he wanted them off was higher than ever.

The thirst to get rid off them was never on the least.  

Back in the 90's

Boy learnt how to breathe life into a trigger. 

So he made a list,

Of those who kicked him around,

Those who called him thin because they were fat. 

Those who called dark because they were snow-light. 

Those who called him fair because he was fairer them. 

Of those who hated,

The boy did make a list. 


The boy did have an advantage: 

His friends with their first. 

The boy started the war with his fingers against trigger. 

Could he be talked out of this?  

The authorities came for him; 

Thinking hope would trigger. 

First they took his hands, 

Oh his pretty tiny little fingers! 

Lastly they severed the voice. 

Oh he used to be a pretty singer! 

His voice so tender! 

It all began!



Tens of years before the 90's. 

They took away brains. 

Oh their ability to couch right thoughts! 

'Take away the head' was the authority's tactics. 

If it wasn't so, 

Those warring now could be talked into tying a string of peace. 

┬ęTtop Godwin