from uturn barclay estate i tried waving down a cab, fully dressed in an over coat, i had a pink agbada under my over coat and my shoe shone like that of a man who just rubbed his shaved clean head with groundnut oil. i flashed a beam and i stood still on the road, struggling not to fall off because of my pot belle. at 45 what kind of belle were you excepting me to have, smirk one!!!!, no i am a fan of Gulder. 

finally i entered muritala mohammed airport i walked towards the lobby and my eyes were set on the baggage claim. 

later i got a flash ticket and i had to wait for another 2hrs for my appointed schedule. i sat down, my face was strong like a boy whose father just died after swallowing strong eba with ekuwamodu soap and stock fish. sweat ran out quickly and soon i was like a pot immersed into the stream.

  a young man walked up to me and he took the seat beside me, he began with a smile as he admired my blings i was looking exactly like a madman that was just getting well, he couldn't hold it any longer soon it graduated into laughter. "whats your problem man" i exploded, spit slashed every where, he slipped out a handkerchief out of his suit and he wiped his face clean "are you been deported out of nigeria" he asked and i replied with a scowl "idiot" i knocked off at a range "i am travelling to Germany." the man gulped, his eye balls went bigger, then i continued "my uncle's dog died so he sent me money to buy a ticket and fly over for it's burial"

all of a sudden there was an eerie hush in the atmosphere, it was like a burning fire had been quenched, everyone who picked my word had their eyes on me, i felt stupid and i didn't know when hot urine escaped into my pants.


AUTHOR: okhuoya temitope 08108687124