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Step brother

At times we mix up definitions and we dwell on mint minority letting out the major factors behind the clicks and whines of the ticking clock. 

At times we focus on the hand forgetting that certainty will remain certain without the visible. The invisible controls the visible is what most people don't understand. And the quick Visible manifestations on done deal in the realm 'Invisible' is what makes a man's step Invincible. 

True love is the talk of today. We have many theorems, rules and believe about true love. But permit me to tell you, true love is deeper that the prospect projected to us as love. It involves giving up the most important to a third party (not the second 'I' who is no different from 'you') whose need is most important. 

This is no story between a boy and a girl falling over and over again in love, rather it is a story about a boy and a girl whose rift would be determined by the extinction of true love. 

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Dec 31, 2016 at 02:39 am