Your January Action Packages

This is the format which elucidate monthly to do tips which will improve your personality and your life.

This month, take calcium look at where you stand in life and revamp where necessary. Get intentional about what you feel that needs change and take the  first step today

1. STAY STRONG – Exercise is a proven immune system booster. Exercise is best in moderation, aim to walk 12,000 steps per day. However, since too much exercise may wear the body than create immune system problems, avoid stress and try to relax.

2. SELF CARE – BE alerted by taking time out of your day to meditate or engage in anything that will help you recharge.

3. CHANGE LANGUAGE -  If you are the type with negative thought, reconstruct and rewire your thought patterns by using positive phrases such as I believe, I can

4. GET INTENTIONAL – Are you being purposeful? Do you have any future ambition? Write down your goals and objectives and take time to study your intent behind each of it.

5. FUEL CREATIVITY – To get your creative juice flowing, allow yourself to be bored. Taking a step back gives a fresh vista

6. DEAL WITH IT – When you face problems or any form of inconveniences, how do you go about it? When problems comes, make the best of them rather than allowing them to rout you.

7. LEARN MORE – Reading is known to be the eat investment you can make in your personal development. Set a reading objective for yourself and stick unto it.

8. BE COURAGEOUS – Are you ready to risk it all? Do risking it scare you? When faced with a risk, make a pros and cons list, then tap your courage to tackle them with confidence.

9. OWN UP TO IT – It is the responsibility of a leader to face any problem a group encounter, create plans for what to do when crisis occurs.

10. AIM HIGHER – What’s your New Year progression from dissonance to consonance? Write it down, disintegrate it into smaller steps in order o be achievable and attainable.