Lets talk about health. I mean your health. Most people don't really know what "HEALTH" means. Surprised!! You don't! Because you believe it's only when you are sick that you are not healthy.

   First and foremost, let me quickly define what health is- health is a state of good well being, it means wholeness, sound body and mind.

   It is also a state of total physical, mental and social well-being not just freedom from sickness or ailment.

   There are several personal levels of health affect. But I will just highlight four.

*How you look

*How you dress

*How you act

*Your attitude and performance in school, work and recreation.

   These factors above determine your health status.

   There are also some factors that can affect health.



*  HEREDITY:One can inherit sickness from his/her linage. It depends on the gene of the individual to his/her family.

*  HABIT/LIFESTYLE:A healthy person can make his/herself unhealthy by his/her lifestyle. Dirtiness is mostly the common habit that can make anyone unhealthy.


PHYSICAL HEALTH: It means that all pare and system of the body works well together. Having strength and energy to pursue physical challenge.

   It can be developed or acquired by,

*  proper nutrition

*  enough sleep and rest

*  healthy skills and habit e.g ; cleanliness, medical, dental care and checkup.

MENTAL HEALTH:It has to do with how you like, accept and feel about yourself,also how you think of meeting the demands of life.

   A person in good mental health is;

*  Is in control of his/her emotions and express them in acceptable manners.

*  Can deal with problems and frustration of life without being over whelmed

*  Using his/her mind to develop thinking skills.

   Anyone who can't do all these above should meet a counselor or psychiatrist.

SOCIAL HEALTH: It simply means getting along with others will. How you relate with friends and families.


*Eat three balanced meal a day at regular interval.

*Eat most especially breakfast.

*Participate in aerobic exercise for at least 20-30 mins,3-4 times per week.

*Develop good lifestyle factors e;g cleanliness, living principle.

   This points will simply help you to enjoy all round wholeness of health, read and reread.

©Janet Adefemi