Every single person you come across in your daily dealings was born with something unique. Each of them was born with a clean success window. What do I mean by a clean success window? It 's something simple.

 Success window means God given arsenals, required to be successful in life (of course for a kid that is the case).

 That is why a kid who’s learning to walk doesn’t give up no matter how many times he falls on his feet. Every time he stumbles he stands up with fresh optimism and desire to keep going, keep punching above his weight. Days may pass, weeks might swing by, months, sometimes years yet this kid wakes up every morning with envious disposition and desire to master the art of walking. 

Of course you would be right to argue that a kid is born with a clear conscience and has no weight on their shoulders, but is that the reason why a kid doesn’t give up on learning how to walk? Yet again you would be right to answer in the affirmative. However you shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that these things boil down to attitude. Eventually the kid is able to walk; he goes on to learn how to talk and continues with the process of development. 

The highlight of the kid’s achievement is ATTITUDE.  It is with positive attitude that a kid is able to learn how to walk, talk and do all sorts of things.

YOU are no different from this kid. Because you, just like the kid, were born with the same sense of positivity. However have you asked yourself why you’ve plummeted to the level you are.

In life everything you achieve hinges on your attitude. That is why JEFF KELLER stated in his book, ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING, that “your attitude is your window to the world”. How you see the world, how you react to changes in the world and your holistic reactions to everything in the world is contingent upon your attitude. 

It is axiomatic that sometimes some things may be too hard for you to bear. Some things are just unbearable however in such a circumstance how you react is very important. For instance, your end of semester result comes and you find out that despite the hard work you put in, your GPA dropped. It can be very depressing and unbearable. However you have to remember that it isn’t the end of the road. Instead you should let it spur you on to do more because eventually your positive attitude will be rewarded. 

Also you may be enjoying a rather clean sweep. You may have a good job, earning enough money to take care of yourself and your family. Basically you have a very clean success window. But what if you lost your job? What would you do? If life threw dirt at your success window what would you do? 

In all the aforementioned circumstances you have to remember that your attitude counts a lot. Keeping a positive attitude is very important. Your ability to react positively to losing your job, your ability to respond positively to your family troubles is very important. It is important for you not to let your intervening problems throw into the mud, everything you have achieved. It is important to keep a straight head. It is equally important to seek advice and not allow your situation plunge you into mistakes that you will regret later. 

In conclusion, life has been tailored such that we cannot do anything so stop the problems we face. Thus facing challenges is inevitable. However how you react to these changes hasn’t been tailored by some super natural figure. You have it in you to tailor your own actions and inactions. So remember then that, your attitude is your success window. And a positive attitude like a newly born baby who’s learning how to walk is your gateway to success…your gateway to keeping a clean success window!