I believe in what I believe in. 

The power and energy that makes things happen. 

It had happen all through my life and I end up faced with issues that would mean me putting a knife across my neck. 

I cant count times the depression would be so strong and I would see a pool in my bed, dive only to drown in the arms of sleep. 

It isn't more than things I have put a lot into and I get so much disapproval from those who I basically started everything up for. 

Maybe I am wrong? 

what's your idea about dreams. 

Your Own idea! Yes what's dream to you. 

Would you consider this stinginess, achieving dreams for yourself alone. 

What happened to that life, when you wanted to make those you love and love you in return proud. 

Then things boil down to nothing and they shake their heads at you. You pick the gun, squeeze the trigger in disappointment only to see your egos on the cold ties. 

It kept happening until I made it all about me. 

Yes! I became hundred percent responsible for all that happened to me. 

If I do it not right! I stare at my work and I know deep down, this is average. I don't take average! I would never be proud of average. I cheer myself up, pull down the work roll up my sleeves and rebuild. 

When you fail! you carry the blame and the rest of the world would take eyes off you not wanting to share those moment with you except for the few people who really believes in you. (Don't just keep falling, it soaks the heart of the few that believe gradually in unbelieve)

And when you win, friends and foe, lions and rats, dogs and goats they all want to lift you high, cheer you up and represent you at every available moment. 

I am who I am, and I am here to tell you today. 

Take your happiness out of the hand of everyone.

Fix your shit and be proud of your self when it decays and it becomes the valuable manure. 

Take responsibility of everything that happens to you and you would see how great life would be again when you are in charge. 

Godwin Okhuoya