5 ways to keep your self over inspired and write what you have to.

A friend of mine. Got amused one day. All i did was to open my loins of skills to him. Then he asked me a deep question. My ears were opened. Right before he let the mat out of his pocket. That was way not possible. How can he fold a mat in his BREAST POCKET! Then he asked the question. "Tope!" I wanted to say "yes." But I had to shut up and just listen to him. "How do you get inspiration." 

wao! -I never saw that coming- He wanted to know my secret. (I mean it.) That's my secret. 

I noticed i was going too fast with composition. It was not taking me too long to get stories in my head. Then putting them down also seems too easy for me. (Is there anything simpler than reciting ABC. pls let me know). I sat down then i thought about putting together my secret. Will you let me tell you the secret? You don't have a choice. You have gone too far not to. 

This list of 5 might help you keep your inspiration well open. 

Let's begin.

1. Keep your eyes open. 

To get inspiration you need to see things, look around, Travel. Study things, study situations,  study movies and lot more. Personally, I don't watch movies. I study them. I look beyond, what others see. I take note of speeches, actions, moves, ways problems are solved, and the ways new problems are introduced. Those are what i look out for in movies. From all of this looking around, you get ideas. Pls don't steal someone else's Idea. You are only allowed to generate yours from theirs. 

Shake spare wrote a lot about places hr had never been to. That was only possible because he studied the works of other writers who have been to those places and have written about them.

2. Keep your mind working. 

All those ideas, you have harvested from looking around, from seeing things, from observing. You put them all in mind. Meditate on it. Process it and get something out. Don't stop meditating till you get something out. 

3. Solve puzzles.

Put broken facts together. Put diverse scene together. I wrote a short story a while, I titled it Gift. I had to put things together to get that done. I mean a lot of things. I started with the name. "Greenson" (That's American). I got another name  Böhmenbad (for a German). I wasn't having enough time to do a research. The system i wanted to use couldn't work in any other country except Nigeria. So i had to use Nigeria as my root, and  Germany as my Shoot(I just said nonsense here there is nothing like root and shoot... ahahah you fell) I had to put different pieces of things together. The plot was made from many of the stuffs i saw that day. 

4. Listen to people talk. 

Wao! there are so much to learn from people who have been everywhere you have not been, Who have seen things you haven't. People who have experienced things you haven't. All you have to do is to listen to them speak.  I have gotten the inspiration to write over 10 short stories by listening to people speak. 

All I do is to listen to a friend's experience, or to listen to a for friend who just had an experience, visiting a place I have never been.

5. Turn on the light. 

Turn on the light. For the time has come that you need to dig out stuffs. Yeah!. You might need something better than a digger. I completed my 2,000 word plus short story "King James VI" and that was never going to be possible if i didn't turn on my light by going into deep research. Honestly, I got a lot from the research which might still be enough for me to write 3 more different short stories. I actually had to download a lot of maps. I used Scotland as my location. I had to find out the appropriate time. I used 1560. I had to go into records. I found the name of the castles in Scotland around 1560. I used Sterling castle. I had to read a lot of stuffs. I had to match names together(Like Williams I James VI, Bert audley, Bryce ashdown) . It was amazing you know. Kings and sorceress(Rise of the dragon) by morgan Rice was the nearest ancient book to me. I had to dig it up and get out some materials, like Names given to ancient Sites. (Don't even think about duplex or bungalow) cottage or Fort sounds better and lot more. I took minutes off, taking a tour around a castle. (Not a a real castle. Just a 3D diagram of a castle) I learnt about the gate house. The courtyard. The towers....When i was done with all of this. Writing King James VI became so simple. I was over inspired to write it(I mean my inspiration Well was filled to the brim).  Wao.... See, you need to turn on that damn light and your soul will be illumed with inspiration. 

Hey! This should be enough for now. But I still have lot more to tell you about filling your well of inspiration.

I mean a lot more, but they are deep.

Yours in writing 

Godwin Okhuoya