["I checked his comment and he was like. Your lyrics are as boring as watching paint dry"...

"Just saying.

I have a dude that rolls in the gutter to get inspiration"...]



Official TTOP: Hello bro, we would like to have a chat with you knowing fully well that the release date for your E.P album is set.

VIRIL: No problem man, I'm available now

Official TTOP: Thank you very much sir. We feel more comfortable calling you bro.

Official TTOP: So let's talk a bit about origin. Who you are? Where you are from? Or did you fall from the sky?

VIRIL: Lol, a funny one

VIRIL: I'm Adelekan Adediwura, also known as ViRiL, & I am from Ondo city lol

Official TTOP: Wao...Ondo city!!!!

Official TTOP: So you schooled where?

VIRIL: Demonstration secondary school, Ondo. & now a student of University of Benin, studying Nursing science

Official TTOP: I also wanted to be a doctor at first. But later I had to enter fishing.

Official TTOP: Talking about your music career. I heard your freestyle "Know me" and I was like what the h*ll.

I thought I was listening to 2pac at first. Honestly man, you rap well. Did you start singing from the womb or.. How did it start. How come you came with a piece as beautiful as that

VIRIL: Well, thank you

VIRIL: I started rap when I was in JS3

VIRIL: Started with a couple of friends, & it was fun

Official TTOP: So u were going from schools to schools to rap, or u were just doing a low key stuff

VIRIL: Lol, I was on a lowkey for 6/years

Official TTOP: U tried ooo

Official TTOP: So tell me. Did you borrow money to record ur first single. 

VIRIL: no, I didn't borrow money. It happened I produced my first song myself. I wouldn't call it a Single, cos Audacity & Cut it were just demos

Official TTOP: So u were singing in the bathroom for 6years

VIRIL: Not exactly in the bathroom.. In my room, for my brothers, studios & for friends

Official TTOP: You are an icon to other young talented stars out there

Official TTOP: So what is your current project. Like what are you working on at the moment.

VIRIL: Well, I'll be releasing an official single very very soon, & my EP will be out soon

VIRIL: + await a mixtape and maybe in a couple of months, Panacea the album will be out

 Official TTOP: Are people around you supportive

VIRIL: Yes, of course.. All around me are supportive.

Official TTOP: That's cool

Official TTOP: And how are u coping with music and education.

VIRIL: Music & education is hard, I won't lie

VIRIL: But Music is a passion & Nursing is a career, so I try all I can to balance it. Maximize time a lot

Official TTOP: Hmmm

Official TTOP: So tell us about your worst moment

VIRIL: Hmm... Worst moment

That was around 3 years ago, I was up till 2.00am writing lyrics, then I went to show it to my "critic brother".. He called me back, & handed my lyrics book to me, by the time I checked his comment, he wrote " Your lyrics are as boring as watching paint dry"