WORDS WITH TTOP: An exclusive online interview with Juliet Kegbe

1. Tell us about yourself? Where you stay? Your State of Origin and where you school?

REPLY: I'm Juliet Kegbe. I'm an average height girl with short natural hair.

I'm from Ondo state, Nigeria but I live in the United States of America, Boston MA to be precise. I attend Northeastern University Boston.

2. Tell us about your skills, and how much you have explored it.

REPLY: Skills? Oh well, I can sing, I'm part of the choir in my church and I can dance.....I'm not an expert though, because I can't  fully go into dancing and singing at all time when I have school work to do I can eat as well.

3. Tell us about your current project, like something great, you are currently working on.

REPLY: project?? Right now the only thing I'm aiming at is becoming what I wanna be in future (Dr Julie), Which I'm putting so much effort into for now.

4. We would love to know what you do at your leisure hour

REPLY: At my leisure hour, I always like to do things that will ease the stress I've gone through during the day, most times I either sleep or dance.

But if my free time will take a long time I'd like to go over to my friends so we could go out and have fun somewhere at the beach or a park.

5. Tell us something crazy about yourself that just a few knows.

What makes you nervous and what makes you happy?

REPLY: Something crazy about me I snitch (not steal)  on people ( my friends tho) and picking up fights even tho I can't fight.

I get nervous sometimes during class presentations where I have to face a lotta students and speak at that moment, my heart run ( pounds) faster than usain bolt.

What makes me happy? Hmmm,

Number one is food, I'm not a foodie tho.

Number two is when someone just takes me out for shopping  kidding. Well I get really happy when I'm with my family and when we all chat together.

6. (From Bayo david)Juliet Kegbe : U said u live in Boston Massachusetts,, tell me how Boston looks like...!!!

REPLY: Do I really need to answer this? Well Boston is a city in Massachusetts.

It has really tall buildings, good shopping malls...it's really a civilized part of the United States, you can check google for images.

7. (From damilola agboade): Most embarrassing moment???

REPLY: I wouldn't say I've never been embarrassed but I've never had that "most embarrassing moment" you know, embarrassing enough to make me cry? Nop. 

But I've had embarrassing moments, like when my younger sister whom I'm older than with about 9 years corrects my English in from of my dad. It's embarrassing, but I can't name it an extremely embarrassing moment the little girl did what was right.

8. (From Akande Oluwa Nifemi): What caused the last argument between you and your boo? And how did you solved it?

REPLY: Well, I don't have a boo to argue with.

9. (From David toluwalse) Maybe I'll ask,,  WHATS UR TAKE ON SPORTS???

REPLY: What's my take on sport? Ehmmm, I'm not really a sport freak, but I love anything ball especially basketball.

10. (From Anonymous) What is the craziest thing you can do for a million dollars. 

REPLY: Craziest thing to do for a million dollars, I don't quite get if you're asking what I would do if I have a million dollars or what I would do to get a million dollars, but let me answer in both ways.

If I have a million dollars, o boy shopping things, I will get all the bling bling things kidding.

 I don't think I will do anything crazy if I have a million dollars, I'll live my normal life but I will go shopping every weekend for real.

What I can do for a million dollars is to work for it.

Definitely not going to be easy, but when I graduate from school and start my professional job you know, getting it will not have to involve something crazy.

11. What is your say about team ballerz.

REPLY: 11.  Team Ballerz... in my previous answer, I said I love any ball right ... that includes BALLerz .

Well I really can't describe everything about " team ballerz" but trust me it includes amazing people .

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