You don't need a soap down there.

This jab has been specifically drafts and licensed to the ladies. If you really a guy ND you end up reading this. Listen! Get it forwarded to a lady and save ass. 

We really don't need a soap to wash our private part.

So if you've been using a soap, you really have to stop.

The vagina is a self cleaning oven, it has it own pH level. So it supposed to be acidic ( with not less than 4.5 pH ). When we start adding all of the antibacterial and medicated soap, what happens is we kill off d bacteria that is supposed to b there, which create the eco system for the vagina and control the acidity. Then d normal pH is destroyed, it result to vaginal dryness, which allows yeast and bacterial vaginosis to over grow. Which create discomfort and odour.

If u are using a soap at all, use a very very mild soap.

I know you have heard about this before.  

Me writing this again,  means you need to take note of this.  

¬©Rebecca Akomolafe