Pride... Pride... Pride...  Pride uses lust to fan the SELF. We are establishing a common theme here. The SELF will stop at nothing to make the SELF, the center of the universe. I, probably, should introduce the topic first. 

     Do you boast about your accomplishments as a person? Do you make people feel bad because they aren’t like you? Do you find it difficult to accept your mistakes or faults? Do you disregard suggestions from your subordinates? 

There are many disadvantages of being proud, that I would not want you to get involved in. One of such disadvantages of being proud is that, the person won’t progress. 

What do I mean? When you’re in a difficult situation, and someone younger than you, or lower in social status or position, renders a helpful or brilliant suggestion, your ego stops you from accepting his/her contribution. 

* Proud people are hardly good leaders, because they feel that it’s undignifying to take advice, contributions from their followers or subordinates.  Hence, they do not succeed. 

     * Pride also makes you suffer in silence. 

When you’re badly in need of help of any kind, you don’t ask the other person because you’re too full of yourself. No one can fulfill those needs you don’t let show. This is why you’ve got to swallow your pride! 

     *Pride brings unrepentance. When you have offended someone, pride makes you unfeeling and unrepentant. Hence, you’re unable to admit you’re wrong and apologize. 

The three words that you will hardly hear a proud fellow utter are: 

'Please,' 'Sorry,' and 'Thank you.' These are words that keep our relationships with our fellow human beings going. This brings me to the next demerit of being proud. 

     * Proud people fail in their relationship with other people. 

* Pride tears friendships apart. In addition, people begin to avoid you, and talk bad about you, because of this negative trait of yours. You give yourself a bad reputation. 

     *Pride causes you to lose great opportunities. When you’re not humble, no one would want to do business with you, for example. 

*Pride also makes you unteachable. You feel you know it all, so you don’t pay any attention while being taught. You lose out on the opportunity to increase your knowledge and skill  as a result. 

    * Pride destroys and kills a man! 

You’re committing suicide by exhibiting pride. You don't want to continue being avoided by people, losing out on opportunities and facing all the trouble associated with pride. 


* Be humble and you will be elevated.

* Swallow your pride and practice humility today.

* Only humble people can receive from God. James 4:6.

* God opposes proud people!!!


  Eno Daniel and Adedeji Michael.  

Why the lit of pride? (series 2)

What is Pride??? 

* Pride is a bad quality that some people possess. 

* Pride is evil. James 4:16 

*Pride means conceit or inordinate self-esteem. This is when you’re too full of yourself and think of yourself more highly than others, or than you should. 

What is it that makes people proud??? 

Achievements, success, wealth, social status, intelligence, beauty… Name it! 

"Oh, I come from a wealthy home. I shouldn’t talk to people who aren’t wealthy! We are not of the same class! I’m so famous, I shouldn’t talk to nobodies!" These phrases or sentences reek of pride. A proud man is always looking down on things and people, and of course, as long as you’re looking down, you can’t see something that’s above you.-C.S. Lewis. 

Also, pride: 

- makes people lovers of themselves.

- is a hindrance from God's blessings. James 4:6 

- is a destroyer and a killer.

- leads to competition. 


- Your pride will always drive people away from you. You will not stay with people for too long, if you have that habit- pride. As Kushandwizdom said, pride will always be the longest distance between two people.


    Pride gives the drive that you have arrived. Pride is a product at the centre of the humanself. Pride leads to hate, because the SELF cannot bear when someone else is better than the SELF, or when someone is a threat to the SELF. 

Why the lit of pride? 

* Humility will save you more than you will lose or spend. 

* Humility will teach you.

* Humility will connect you to favours, the right people, friends, position, oppurtunities. Please, humble yourself.

     Can you imagine a world without pride? 

     There's only one man who did not experience the sin of pride. He is none other than Jesus Christ. 

       Pull off the garment of pride because it kills faster than anything else. 

Eno Daniel and Adedeji Michael.