Sex! We all love it, we all enjoy it, and secretly, we all want to talk about it. Most of the information we have about sex is pretty straight forward.

 Remember, we're all adults here - unless of course you are not an adult, in which case you should leave this page before your mom sees you staring in wide-eyed horror at this article. But sex education is essential for you,  so please stay. 

Many youths nowadays see sex as a food that they can't do without. Yeah, at a certain stage sex drive comes but say no to sex appeal from opposite sex. Some youth will say "I can't do without it, I love it, it's part of me, without it i won't get myself." Who told you that? Sex before marriage is just like caging yourself in a way that no human being can loosen you. During sex the two people involved releases different things into each others. Physically you are enjoying it, but spiritually your life is depreciating. Haven't you heard stories like "after sleeping with her I couldn't get myself, my company is undergoing retardation, I am empty, I couldn't think straight", that's little of what sex before marriage can cause. Nowadays, youths think the best way to put food on their table is to jump into sexual sin, leaving behind the word of God concerning our lives which says "our body is the temple of God". For God to use the word "temple" it means God is seeing something we are blind to. The only way to remove the veil is to see your body as the temple of God. A temple is a place where incense and every righteous rite are been performed. But the reverse is the case to the youths of the 21st century. It has turned to a place where anything can penetrate into. Sex has now become something of great competition between youths. You hear something like "I've only had sex thrice this week". Don't be  surprised, it happens!. Purity and chastity seem to be virtues that has gone out of fashion. The compromise  of values ​​has made many young people to see sex as the center of their relationship. Sexually active men are considered "winners" and women "experienced," while someone who decides to be chastised is seen as an outcast or sexually incapable. However, the reality is completely the opposite. Be real and avoid pretence, many people don’t know themselves so they end up doing what they don’t know they can do.  We have weaknesses, but a weakness is not dangerous if it is discovered on time and curbed.  It is only when you ignore your weakness that it controls you.  The first thing you should know is that your flesh is weak when it comes to sex.  And there is no time that it will be stronger than sex.  You cannot be stronger than sex.  The devil knows that it is stronger than you so he uses this ignorance to over power your mind. Of all the sins, lust leading to fornication is the only one that God insists that we flee.  1st Corinthians 6 vs. 18.  Joseph would not have been able to overcome the temptation to sleep with Potipher’s wife if he had not fled.  He knew that he was weak and the only way to be strong is to flee. Let’s take a look at 5 reasons why we must  promote sexual abstinence among our youths.


1. It promotes good communication in dating. When a couple practices abstinence, their communication is good because they are not just focused on pleasure but on the joy of sharing their views and experiences; moreover, their conversations are deeper. By contrast, physical intimacy is an easy way to relate, but it overshadows other forms of communication. It is a way of avoiding the real work involved in emotional intimacy, like talking about deep personal issues and working on the basic differences between the two of you.


2. The friendship in your relationship grows. Physical closeness can let teenagers think they are emotionally close, when in fact they are not. A romantic relationship essentially consists in cultivating a friendship, and there is no friendship without conversation and shared interests. Personal conversation creates friendships and helps us to discover one another and get to know the other’s strengths and flaws. Some young people are driven by passion, and when they get to know each other more deeply, they end up losing interest. They did not get to know each other because they never became friends; instead, they were "friends with benefits."

3. There is a better relationship with both sets of parents. When men and women respect each other, their love matures and improves their friendship with both sets of parents. Generally, parents prefer their unmarried children to live lives of sexual purity, and they are concerned if they know their children are sexually active without being married. When a couple knows they have to hide their sexual relations, their guilt and stress grow. Couples who decide to wait relate more amicably with their own parents and with their beloved’s parents.

4. You feel more free to question whether you should continue the relationship. Sexual relationships have the power to strongly unite two people, and can prolong an unhealthy relationship based on physical attraction or the need for security. A person may feel "trapped" in a relationship that they would like to end, but they can’t find their way out.  A person who is not having sex can more easily break the emotional bond to the other, because there has not been such powerful intimacy on the physical level. Moreover, if the woman gets pregnant, both partners do not feel as free to decide to get separated, get married, go to work, and so on.


5. It encourages generosity instead of selfishness. Sexual relations in dating can lead to selfishness and a focus on self-satisfaction. They can lead people to feel like they are competing with others whom their partner may find more attractive. It fosters insecurity and selfishness, because when you get sexually intimate, the tendency is to ask for more is sure.

let me stop here, but before I stop let me say this God created you to glorify him with all you have.

"Olowogbogboro" will deliver you from every hand that is pushing you to have sex. Marriage is the best place to have sex. When you get married it's clear to people that you are already having sex.*winks*. Remember the bed must be undefiled.

© Adedeji michael