Particularly known for its sour taste due to its acidic nature is Lime- Citrus Antrofolia (a citrus fruit). When presented with one, you don't really get ecstatic to consume it,  all thanks to its acidity. If you finally decide to have a taste of it, the reflex reaction is a facial expression of disgust and distaste accompanied by irregular "tsk tsk tsk" sounds. 

But buried below this unpleasant taste is a myriad of Vitamin C also known as Ascorbic acid. Lime is a key source of Vitamin C and can be used as a treatment for scurvy.

 In the 18th century, the british sailors where provided with a daily allowance of Limes as

scurvy was their bane on the sea and it proved to be effective. Now imagine the smile limes brought to their faces when they were being supplied. They were able to smile because their sight was not limited to the acidic sour taste that it brings but  focused on the positive effects.

   Similarly, when life gives you limes, when you find yourself in a difficult situation, when life reveals the ugly part of its beautiful face. You are not bold enough to face the harsh reality glaring before your eyes and you cringe into self pity. When you finally decide to take the bull by the horns, pessimism sets in. That's it! But you never can tell if lurking below the surface  of your unfair situation are molecules of opportunities waiting to gain the liberating kinetic energy of sanguineness and propel into exploration. 

  To those who drink lime for its usefulness, sourness is just but of little concern and to those who see the bright side of their disappointments, depression is just but 1000 kilometres away. And only then, only when you put on the lens of optimism will you be able to see the positivity in your acidic situation. Like the british sailors, put on a smile when life gives you limes, knowing fully well that you are going to harness it for good- to tackle the scurvy(s) of life. [SMILE]

To all the limes mentioned, I replied with a smile.

© Ogundare Opeyemi