What your temperament says about you.

 Temperament refers to those aspects of an individual's personality, such that are often regarded as biologically based and sometimes innate rather than learned. You might have a mixed temperament.

The four major temperaments are





So here are few highlight about the four temperaments.



 lively, optimistic, buoyant,

carefree, adventurous, sociable, entertainer, creative,optimistic, energetic, bold,etc

( weakness)

Unstable mood, chronically late, forgetful, Talkative, disorganized, cannot keep secret.

 Their natural abilities will also serve

them well if they choose jobs related to marketing, travel, fashion, cooking, Actor or sports.



Loyal, hospitable,teachable, kind, quite, friendly, Shy, don't easily get angry, hate conflict,don't like open confrontation Don't like arguing, trustworthy, understanding, etc.


Don't keep to time, lazy,can become selfish cause of self desire, Can be stubborn at will, prone to grugde holding, Destructive when angry. 

 Ideal careers for phlegmatic

personality types are:

nursing,teaching,psychology or counselling. child development,or charity services.


( strength)

Goal oriented, social, enjoy deep and meaningful conversations, charismatic, good leader and planner, keep to time,self confident,courageous, very good at arguing, love challenge


Dictional, dominate the phlegmatic, desire to b in control, easily angry, harsh in words, proud, aggressive, override others.

Ideal jobs for choleric personality type are related to the following industries:

management,technology,statistics,engineering,programming, business and politics.


( Strength)

love traditions, sociable,contributors to the community, orderly,accurate, fantastic people managers, sacrificial, self reliant.


Slow eater, not social , too analytical, hard to please, moody, introvert.

 Perfect careers for melancholic personality type are:

management,accounting,social work,or administration Well, if after reading u still don't find a particular temperament that fits you, don't worry you might actually be one of those with mixed temperament, you might have a mixed personality.

Thanks for reading.

¬©Rebecca Akomolafe