How familiar are you with indigestion? How often have you been taken down by indigestion? You might not know how terrible it feels to suffer from indigestion, if you haven't experienced it. But, here is a little you should know about indigestion. 

It's a digestion problem. It's a problem that alters the ability of the digestive system to digest food. It stops or slow down the whole process, thereby causing you a lot of discomfort and making it very difficult to eat. You feel full even when you have taken nothing in hours. 


1. You start feeling a form of heaviness in the stomach. The stomach begins to swell and it gets hard. 

2. Frequent expulsion of gas

3. You start feeling stomach pain, which could cause a great feeling of discomfort. 

4. Heartburn.

Let's go through a few causes of indigestion. Knowing the causes, might help you not get into the trouble of it. 

1. Low intake of water: Water aids digestion. Some people only take water when they get hit by a trunk of thirst. You need to take water frequently; before, during and after meal. 

2. Late night meals: What happens when you get back home late from work to start another round of unnecessary chores. With your kids having the whole house messed up, you cook late and eat late then, you go to bed. It's wrong. You shouldn't go to bed right after eating. That's why dinner is advisable to be taken in the early evening, when you still get to move around, watch TV, walk, talk, play games, type and do some other activities. When you take your food and go to sleep, digestion is made very difficult, because your activities also help to quicken digestion. 

This leads me to the last point. 

3. Eat light foods at night: Light food only needs a short time to digest. Take it at night. You only have a short time to get your stomach settled and you won't have to worry about digestion or indigestion. 

If indigestion hits you too frequently, take notice of these  things:

1. Don't eat late. 

2. Eat slowly.

3. Drink plenty of water.

4. Avoid heavy foods at night.

5. Quit smoking and taking alcohol.

6. Avoid overeating .

7. Do exercise regularly.

©Godwin Okhuoya