What's the profit."

It's true no one wants to trade where there's no profit.

When going into business. One most always beware. It's all about profit and lose. But to talk about Life!  Can we trend this same topic. 

I have really gone deep trying to understand the profit of our hustle in life.

Is it all about flashy cars?

 Is it all about living in mansions? 

What really is our profit in life? You can swap the word Profit for gain if you please. 

Sometimes it seems we are so carried away by the beauty of this world, without minding the outcome. 

The world is beautiful really? Yes it is. Take a closer look at everything God has created. You would see how beautiful it is.

Now I ask again!  What is our gain? 

Many do say "death" is the profit. But here is one thing you should know. Death isn't the profit God left for us.

The life we are living in now could be arrayed in line with business and a thin line is to be drawn between profit and lose.

Just like a servant. After the day business. He goes home to give account of his sales to the boss. It's through the process of that account the servant will be able to know if he truly made some profit for his boss or he lost.

No matter how far you tend to live a holy life in this earth. We can only know how far you've gone, on the last day. When we stand before God and we give account of what we have done on earth. 

Watch what you! Do good no matter what.

©Alex isenhart