While some people try to move on after a break up with their ex, others keep seeking for a second chance. 

Even though this is cool, sometimes, the partner might become aggressive in the quest to get his partner back and when the ex is giving him a negative reply and is trying to pick up the pieces of her life with someone else, he might get jealous and become out of control.

If you are in a position like that, you would need to be very careful and try to get away from your ex as fast as possible because he might hurt you at the long run.

Note that this not only applies to the male sex, but also the female ones too.

If you are in that kind of situation, here are a few things you can do to avoid them.

1) Seal off their ways of getting across to you

Note all the avenues your ex makes use of to get across to you. 

Block them off. Such avenues could be through calls from your mobiles and even messages to you online.

Block your ex on your social media handles. This would reduce the chances of the ex getting to you.

2) Keep your family and friends involved

One of the ways your ex can get to you is through contact with your family and friends. 

There are even situations where ones' friends and family would support the ex, so try to prevent that from happening to you by keeping them informed about everything.

If possible, make them terminate everything that would keep your ex in contact with them.

3) Avoid getting blackmailed

One of the ways to be drawn back to your insane ex is to be drawn back to him when he uses emotional blackmail on you.


Try as much as possible not to listen to him if you are easily drawn by words. Also avoid responding to his calls and texts.

Silence is golden and something that can work for you if you use it.

4) Report him to the authorities

If the actions of your ex are becoming too much for you to handle, threathen to report him to the authorities, and if he does not yield, back up your words with actions. 

That could keep him away.