If you stop anyone on the way, even up to heaven with a mic close to their lips and you ask. "Define life." You will get a reply. If you move ahead to ask someone else, may be a man stocked between life and death. You will get a different answer. And if you move over to get fresh words off the lips of the man who just got a 22 step promotion. You will get something different. I mean it!

Everybody's definition of life can't be opposed. We all have a freedom of expression. We all can't define life the same way. Everybody defines it from the angle or path they pass through. 

After tones of researches, book flipping, and ridges digging, I have come to a point with a lightened understanding that whatsoever a man write, says or do is not incorrect if been accessed from his very point of view. 

Just before you prove a person wrong, try and access the reasons why he thinks he is right, so you can be careful addressing his errors and you can have his self esteem saved.

©Emmanuel oluwaseyi