There are some people in our lives that are worth more than the way we take them. The ones that don't tell you what you want to hear but what you need to hear. The ones that can do anything just to create a smile on your face.

The ones you don't talk to everytime but each time you do, you can go a whole day talking and laughing about things that are only relevant to you. Talking or chatting  with someone every second doesn't necessarily mean you are close to their heart, it could probably mean you are the only person available for them to talk to. 

The one that really cherishes you is the one that has one or two sacrifices to make just to be with you or talk with you. Making friends with someone isn't as difficult as keeping them close to your heart till eternity. A friend isn't someone who agrees to  your every move and decision. It isn't that person that sings your praises all the time. It's that one person who checks you out and looks forward to you being a better person. It's that person that's ready to throw a punch with you if that will make you get the message. It's that person that cries when you cry, that laughs when you laugh, that succeeds when you succeeds, that fails when you fails, that accomplish when you accomplish. People that are like these are rare but when you are lucky enough to find one. Keep Them!!!

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